His Last Name Rhymes With The Company He Works For. Coincidence or Fate?

by Swagablog in August

Headshot of Kirk Zambetti, class of ‘90

When Kirk Zambetti ‘90 arrived at Hampden-Sydney, a yeti was simply a mythical creature. Now, of course, the term conjures up images of sight casting reds, fighting tarpon on the fly, chasing whitetail, mountain expeditions, bull riding, great barbeque, and sharing a fire at basecamp. As Senior Vice President of Sales for Austin-based YETI, Kirk helps lead the effort to get YETI innovative products into the hands of everyday consumers and extreme adventurers across the world (and eventually onto your Instagram feed). 

After graduating with a history degree from Hampden-Sydney, Kirk applied his wide-ranging knowledge and rhetorical skills to build a successful career in medical and dental sales including a career at Danaher (NYSE:DHR) leading North American sales teams, before jumping into retail-consumer products at YETI.

“My business career has had one consistent trait, change.”

Kirk Zambetti ’90

Given his high-level role with one of the world’s most recognizable outdoor brands, it’s safe to say Kirk has ventured to many locales and enjoyed some incredible experiences. And yet, Kirk says, “There are few places in my life, and times in my life, that I treasure more than those at Hampden-Sydney.”


In addition to a strategic business mindset and sharp analytical skills, Kirk’s work at YETI requires the ability to inspire, motivate, and lead others. And according to Kirk, “My business career has had one consistent trait, change. Whether a change in industries, go-to-market structure or pivot in strategy, Hampden-Sydney provided a learning experience that allowed me to feel confident in an ever-changing business environment and succeed.”

And PS: his two older sons, James ’18 and Charlie ’19, also went to H-SC, so you could say going to the best college for men sorta runs in the family.

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