DJ Dean’s List

by Swagablog in October

Time to turn on the tunes and turn up your GPA with the art of the study song.

Regardless of your musical tastes, the soundtrack to your studies can strategically enhance your learning experience. Playing your typical, familiar tunes may distract you from cranking out work. And let’s be honest — some songs just slap too hard to be mixed with organic chemistry.

If you’re really looking to get in the zone, check out these choice cuts for studying.

Just Jammin’—Grammatik

This hour loop will get the brainwaves flowing. It builds on itself and has enough intrigue to keep you engaged, but is steady enough that it’s not distracting. Highly recommended when vibing on a writing assignment. 

Violin Covers

Groups like Vitamin String Quartet and Ember Trio throw down some killer covers of recognizable songs. The lack of vocals will help you stay dialed-in, and the familiar melodies played in this format will inspire your inner genius. Tee-up some violin covers when reading or doing math. 

Straight Up Old School Classical

Ready to feel like an 18th century prodigy? Of course you are. Fire up this Mozart for Brain Power video and prepare to fill that cranium with knowledge. 

Any of history’s legendary composers can inspire your finest work. At least one Swagablog article was written with the “This is Brahms” Spotify playlist providing background tunes.

Content with Your Current Playlist?

Perhaps your musical preferences are strong and you aren’t ready to venture out. I respect that, so here’s a tactic for you. Next time you need to hit the books hard, throw on a concert from your favorite artist and don’t leave your desk until the show is over. You’ll wind up with several hours of work under your belt and probably some new favorite songs. 

(Pro-tip: This works wonders when you have a job. There’s nothing better than starting a 3-hour concert at 2pm and rolling out of the office promptly after the encore.)

Now, press play and get after it!