by Swagablog in October

DJ Dean’s List

Turn on the tunes and turn up your GPA.

by Swagablog in August

The Eagle Scout population here? Let’s just say they’re not endangered.

In the labyrinth of secret societies across human history, one stands out for its mysterious traditions and shadowy rites of passage. This group is so cloaked in secrecy that we are hesitant to speak its name, because the first rule of Eagle Scouts is “You do not talk about Eagle Scouts.” Wait… whoopsies! We made […]

by Swagablog in July

Some may say “Go Get ‘Em, Tiger.” We literally teach you how.

Sure, the Princeton Review ranks our alumni network #2 in the country. But having access to a lifelong network of partners, mentors, and champions doesn’t mean you get to just coast into a cushy career. Success is about hard work. Fortunately, we have some folks on campus whose mission is helping you find your way. […]

by Connor Rund in July

Five Questions to Ask Any College Rep

“Judge a man by his questions, rather than by his answers.” Voltaire

by Swagablog in July

Advice to incoming Hampden-Sydney freshmen

While this advice is focused specifically on the experience at Hampden-Sydney College, it undoubtedly applies to every incoming college freshman.

by Connor Rund in June

Hot Takes on Hot Sauce

Few things are as much of a staple in my diet as hot sauce. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the odds are good I’m going to find a way to spice things up. I’ve even been known to plan my meal around the type of sauce I’m feeling that day. That’s dedication, fellas.   I’m pretty […]