by Dont Remove in September

Tailgate Like a Pro

Autumn in America is about many things: falling leaves, milder temperatures, and for some confused people, pumpkin spiced lattes. But if there’s one thing above all that defines fall in college towns, living rooms, and backyards from sea to shining sea, it’s football.  And on Saturdays in certain locales like Hampden-Sydney, Virginia, football is synonymous […]

by Connor Rund in December

Picture This

If you’ve ever snapped a picture of a fellow human, you have a few Hampden-Sydney men to thank.  That’s right, some of the earliest advances in the history of photography were made on the Hampden-Sydney campus. The “Father of Portrait Photography,” Dr. John William Draper, taught Chemistry at H-SC in the 1830s. A groundbreaking inventor and […]

by Dont Remove in December

The Art of Gift Giving

In addition to being a time for funky sweaters and awkward family gatherings with that weird uncle, the holiday season is also a time for gift-giving. Whether you’re giving a gift to your brother, your mother, your significant other, or your best bud, it’s important to make sure that your gift is worth both the […]

by Dont Remove in October

DJ Dean’s List

Turn on the tunes and turn up your GPA.

by Dont Remove in July

Some may say “Go Get ‘Em, Tiger.” We literally teach you how.

Sure, the Princeton Review ranks our alumni network #2 in the country. But having access to a lifelong network of partners, mentors, and champions doesn’t mean you get to just coast into a cushy career. Success is about hard work. Fortunately, we have some folks on campus whose mission is helping you find your way. […]

by Connor Rund in July

Are you ready for some football? This guy definitely was.

If you know anything about college football – especially SEC football – you’re familiar with the legacy of George Denny ’91. Or you should be.

by Dont Remove in July

Advice to incoming Hampden-Sydney freshmen

While this advice is focused specifically on the experience at Hampden-Sydney College, it undoubtedly applies to every incoming college freshman.