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Tailgate Like a Pro

Autumn in America is about many things: falling leaves, milder temperatures, and for some confused people, pumpkin spiced lattes. But if there’s one thing above all that defines fall in college towns, living rooms, and backyards from sea to shining sea, it’s football.  And on Saturdays in certain locales like Hampden-Sydney, Virginia, football is synonymous […]

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The Art of Gift Giving

In addition to being a time for funky sweaters and awkward family gatherings with that weird uncle, the holiday season is also a time for gift-giving. Whether you’re giving a gift to your brother, your mother, your significant other, or your best bud, it’s important to make sure that your gift is worth both the […]

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DJ Dean’s List

Turn on the tunes and turn up your GPA.

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Top-5 Trails in the Heart of Virginia

Despite the absence of those pesky 14,000 foot peaks you might find out west, the Heart of Virginia boasts some of the finest hiking and mountain biking trails in the Commonwealth. The rolling geography is challenging enough to test your mettle and yet level enough to avoid any next day soreness. And the variety of […]

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Talking Tiger Woods & Tiger Slam with a Tiger

Sure, you’ve heard of Tiger Woods. Jarrod Ficklin? Perhaps not. But if you’re an ESPN or Golf Channel fan, you should know his name, because Jarrod is a 4-time National Sports Emmy winner with Golf Channel and ESPN, and his most recent project is the Golf Channel documentary Tiger Slam, which showcases a 10-month stretch […]

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Gentlemen of the Gridiron

This article originally appeared on Front Porch Football on April 28, 2020. On November 16, 2013, the Auburn Tigers hosted the Georgia Bulldogs for what turned out to be one of the most thrilling installments in the history of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry. After a  furious comeback by the Bulldogs, Auburn faced a fourth […]

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The Eagle Scout population here? Let’s just say they’re not endangered.

In the labyrinth of secret societies across human history, one stands out for its mysterious traditions and shadowy rites of passage. This group is so cloaked in secrecy that we are hesitant to speak its name, because the first rule of Eagle Scouts is “You do not talk about Eagle Scouts.” Wait… whoopsies! We made […]

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This guy goes on adventures like it’s his job. Because it is.

How much do we care about introducing our students to the great outdoors? So much that we actually hired a guy to do, well, that. Scott Schmolesky is a former outdoor guide from North Carolina who brought his fleet of kayaks and a knowledge of all things outside to the Hill to serve as Hampden-Sydney’s […]

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His Last Name Rhymes With The Company He Works For. Coincidence or Fate?

Meet Kirk Zambetti, class of ‘90

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Some may say “Go Get ‘Em, Tiger.” We literally teach you how.

Sure, the Princeton Review ranks our alumni network #2 in the country. But having access to a lifelong network of partners, mentors, and champions doesn’t mean you get to just coast into a cushy career. Success is about hard work. Fortunately, we have some folks on campus whose mission is helping you find your way. […]